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Is Prosperity and freedom fairly shared?

See what modern and ancient wisdom says on these matters

Economics with Justice for All

Free Taster Evening – London W1

Economics with Justice

Discovering the Power of Economics for a Better World

  • Do you think prosperity and freedom should be more fairly shared?
  • Who is the economy really for?
  • Can it ever be sustainable and harmless?
  • We may ask such questions daily yet wonder how to begin answering them.

For over 80 years the School of Philosophy and Economic Science has been offering courses centred on such questions. For over 80 years the School of Philosophy and Economic Science has been offering courses centred on such questions. 

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The course draws on modern and ancient wisdom and understanding to bring economic relationships into a human context. It shows economics as an integral part of the life of every person and community within the Earth’s biosphere. It is for people wishing to make the world a better place.

The emphasis is on examination of principle in the light of life’s experience. You are encouraged to reflect on what you hear and share your observations of the world around you.

If you would like to know more about our 10-week Introductory Economics with Justice course please join us for a free Taster session.

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The “Introductory Economics with Justice” London taster session explores eight essential areas: Economic Justice, Wellbeing, Truth, Opportunity, Understanding, Sustainability, Freedom, and Prosperity. Our 10-week course delves into these areas, connecting theoretical understanding with practical insights.

“...really enjoyed the course ..."

“...I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone with an interest on how our society and our lives are influenced by Economics...”

economics with justice course

What students say...

"...relates to daily life..."

“I thought economics was too complicated for me to understand. It needed a degree for sure and [to] dedicate years to understand the complex system. It is complex, but I didn’t realise how much it relates to our daily life activities, how much I am involved in economic activities and how things can be changed and how we must change.”

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Embark on this meaningful journey and make economics a significant part of your life.
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