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Economics with Justice course near me

Feeling Squeezed? Are those around you feeling the same? Do you ask why – and find no answers? Join with others to make sense of it all! Start working towards a different world where we can live more naturally, finding prosperity and freedom.

This vital and challenging question is at the heart of what we offer. So many of today’s ills spring from the prevailing concept of economics being independent of fairness and morality.

This 10 session online course addresses economics as a human subject, the study of relationships between individuals, institutions and communities; based on human values. Come and join us in this fascinating exploration.

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Courses in ‘Economics with Justice’, a study of human relations in society.

Introductory Economics with Justice course

This 10 session course addresses economics as a human subject, the study of relationships between individuals, institutions and communities; based on human values.

Each session features a topic specific presentation designed to encourage discussion and reflection. Come and join us in this fascinating exploration.

What some of our students say...

philosophy course reviews
“I would just like to say it’s been a real eye-opener and also a real pleasure to be involved in the course. I have learned a lot and will look at my participation in the economic system very differently from now on.”
philosophy course reviews
“I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone with an interest on how our society and our lives are influenced by Economics. I would like to thank the people who wrote the course and our tutor for delivering the course in an interesting way.”
philosophy course reviews
“The tutor led participants through a developing understanding of the status quo and what it means for people who occupy different positions in society. This was enhanced by the rich contributions from some of the participants which led to an increasingly collaborate and coherent weekly experience.”
philosophy course reviews
“I thought economics was too complicated for me to understand. It needed a degree for sure and [to] dedicate years to understand the complex system. It is complex, but I didn’t realise how much it relates to our daily life activities, how much I am involved in economic activities and how things can be changed and how we must change.”

Frequently asked questions

First you need to enrol on the course (click the ‘Enrol Today’ button and enter your details. Then pay the enrolment fee by adding to cart on the next page. Once you complete your checkout you will receive an email with your course details.

Online by clicking the ‘Enrol Today’ button or by calling 020 3287 1443.

If you register online, you will receive a confirmation email. If you register by any means other than online, you will receive a receipt confirming your registration.

No, all you need is an open and enquiring mind. The course is intended for everyone, regardless of education, occupation, race, political or religious belief.

Yes, the course is available at a choice of local venues including London W1, Hove BN3 and Croydon.

Face-to-face meetings will be held safely following all the latest Health & Safety guidelines for your complete peace of mind.

If you have any questions simply call us on 020 3287 1443 or by emailing [email protected]